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ATV Accessories: Review on ATV Ramps

To effortlessly load up your ATV, UTV, riding lawn mower or other small vehicles, you need vehicle ramps. The ATV ramp system is a valuable ATV accessory. There are different available ATV ramp; it’s imperative you consider the perfect one for your needs.

These are some important factors to put in mind before determining the best ATV ramp system for your loading needs;

  1. How much weight the ATV Ramp can carry


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For safety reasons, it is crucial to never under any circumstances whatsoever, exceed the weight capacity of the ATV ramps. It is advisable to get a ramp system with a weight capacity that exceeds what it will carry. Firstly, calculate together the following numbers to obtain the total, overall weight of your ATV set up;

You consider the weight of the quad (it’s in the ATV’s manual), the fuel weight (which you obtain by multiplying fuel tank capacity by 8.5 lbs), weight of other accessories on the quad, the weight of the driver and the weight of the load to be carried.

The resultant weight of the ATV set up must be greater than the weight of the ATV ramp system. You never can tell if you might need the ramp system for greater work so you can purchase

2. The style of the ATV Ramp

ATV ramps come in several main styles depending on what you need it for.

  • Dual Runner – This is a two separate ramp commonly available in folding or non-folding styles; straight or curved. They can be fit under the ATV without much effort while in transport but does require a higher ground clearance ATV.

dual runner atv ramp


  • Bifold – This is a pivoted ramp folds hinged at the centre having width in half for compact storage. The bifold ramps are faster to set up than the Dual Runner. They may also require quad with higher ground clearance while in transport.

bifold atv ramp


  • Trifold – The width of these Ramps folds in thirds. They can be fit easily between tires of most ATVs They come with a semi-open center track for lighter setup but still adds stability to the entire ramp system.

trifold atv ramp


  • Attached – They are designed to mount directly to your pickup truck for safe, easy loading of your all-terrain vehicle.
  • Non-Folding and Arched – These are straight ramps.
  • Trailer – This ramp styles have multipurpose use, they can be used for loading ATVs and other equipment such as lawn tractors or snowmobiles.

3.  The width of the ATV Ramp

Going for ramps that are wide enough for your four wheelers will not only make loading safer and without hassle, it will also make the process easier and faster. Though most ATV ramps have a slight guardrail to keep your ATV tire on track, you still have to consider the width of the ramp.

4.  The length of the ATV Ramp

The length of an ATV ramp is also its height. If you like to haul your UTV in the back of a truck, then you know how nerve-racking it can be to load with short ramp. This is critical to loading and unloading your quad safely. To calculate the minimum length of ATV ramp you need for an ATV, consider these factors;

  • The wheelbase of your ATV, which is the horizontal distance between the center of the front wheel and the center of the rear wheel.
  • The loading height, that is, the distance from the ground to the top-most point of the truck bed onto which the ATV will be loaded.

Always remember to wear a helmet and other necessary protective gear during the loading and unloading process. When loading your ATV, remember to drive up in forward slowly and always use a tie down ratchet or cam buckle strap to avoid ramp kick out.


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