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Kelley Blue Book ATV VALUES

Buying an ATV is a major financial decision, so gather as much information as possible before starting the buying process. Whether you want to sell your ATV or buy one, the value of the ATV should be known.


The best place to start your search is with the two most recognized ATV price guides. The NADA Guide and the Kelly Blue Book. It’s advisable you use both guides to make comparison and better-informed decision.

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The quickest way to find four wheeler values is with the online versions of the NADA Guide and the Kelly Blue Book. On the websites of these ATV pricing guides, there is no official ATV category you have to click on the Motorcycles tab.

The required information peculiar to both pricing guides include; your country and zip codes, so as to give you options as available in your area.

Let’s take a look at the Blue book ATV values

Kelley Blue Book ATV Values 

This is the most popular used ATV price guide. At the lower left-hand corner of the Kelley blue book home page you will find the “Motorcycle Values” tab, click on the link. From the Motorcycle Values page, click on the Motorcycles link, this will take you to a Motorcycles page with two options; Trade-in values and Retail values. Lets look at each option individually

ATV Values on Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guide

Retail values: The retail value represents the average dealer retail asking price for a 4 wheeler in excellent condition in your region of the country.

When you click on the option, it takes you to a page called Motorcycle Retail Values with year models as back as 1970. Look through for the year model of interest and you will land on another page with a list of ‘Manufacturers’. After clicking on a manufacturer’s name, you get to see all the models by the same brand made that particular year.

Click on your preferred model and the search will end at a page showing the suggested retail value.

The resulting retail prices from the Blur book guide is the dealers retail asking price and it is usually higher than the actual selling price. The ATV blue book price is to give you an estimate of the retail price in your region of the country. Actual selling prices are usually a good bit lower.

Trade in values: The procedures here are the same as for the retail values. On the ‘Motocylce page’ click on the Trade value option and follow the procedural instructions. You end up at a page showing the trade-in value of your selected ATV in a good condition. Notice that word ‘good’ not excellent.

The value of a thing reduces from the day of first purchase. In the real sense, the trade-in values can be lower or similar to the selling price in the actual market.

This is purely business, the blue book guide gives you an estimate of what a selected used ATV is worth considering auction prices, market values and other factors. . It’s helps the dealer widen the gap between what he offers for a trade-in and the retail price.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling an ATV. An ATV blue book Price Guide will help you determine a fair value. Note that Kelly Blue Book ATV values vary by zip code.

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