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Budget Rent A Car Reviews

Budget Rent A Car


You do not require a handbook to rent a car. Simply select easy, simple and smart on the wallet. This is fun to do. One of the best car rental brands in the world is the budget car rental brand.  It has exactly 3,350 locations in the world in over a hundred and twenty places. It offers vehicle rental services to travelers. It is the second largest truck rental service in the US with a network of about 1,650 locations.

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The budget car rental is owned by Avis Budget Group, Inc. All over the world, they license and brand it.

How to contact the company ‘’Budget Rent A Car’’

Budget Rent A Car and Reviews

Go to the budget website and check on the page where you would find ‘’Common Questions’’. The website is www.budget.com.  When you get there, you would see the answers to your question. There are several options to choose from if you do not find the answer to your question.

On the Budget website, click on the ‘’customer care’’ tab to enable you access the E- mail assistance form, if your preference is to email your concern or question.

Contact budget reservations for reservation query on (800) 218-7992 anytime in the day. Budget customer service can also be contacted on (800) 214-6094 from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm every day.

You would also discover on the budget website, the online reservation system every hour in the day. A vehicle rental can be altered, canceled, reserved or viewed without making a phone call.

Credit Card Usage Details: Your credit card details will be requested when renting a vehicle through budget. A ‘’hold’’ on your credit card will be placed by budget. This is done so that budget can determine if you can cover the cost of your rental.

It is important to note that a hold on your credit card will be requested by budget for the overall rental amount with an addition of 25% or $200. Individual budget location usually affects the amount. The additional amount help by Budget will be returned at the time of vehicle hand over.

Deposit Amount: A deposit is usually required by budget before renting a vehicle. Location affects deposit details.

Debit cards: Some budget location recognizes and accepts debit cards. Due to estimated rental services, budget will still place a hold on your debit card, just like the credit card. A number of factors can influence budget to increase the amount.

Some locations will allow the payment of rental charges with the use of debit card when the vehicle is returned. Individuals under twenty-five years of age cannot pay for rental with a debit card.

There are exceptions, however. There are different deposit requirements; however, it depends on the type of rental. Minimum deposits requirement also varies, depending on individual budget location.

A $100 is the least amount budget will hold on your credit or debit card if your vehicle rental has been paid for or your auto insurance has been covered.

Review of Budget rental service


Roadside assistance is not offered by this budget car rental service.


Well organization of the budget website. It is also easy to use.


The budget rental service has one of the best websites. It is clean and has an easy to use layout. The website has a beautiful look; it is not cluttered with pixilated picture or ads. All the information you need can be found in the homepage. Simply type in your location and the time you will start the process of renting.

You will also see a location finder on the site. All you need to do is choose your country and city. After that, choose a radius. You can also view location in your zip code.

Once you can determine if a budget rental service is in your area, the simple reservation tool can be used in beginning the process. After including your location and date of rental, you have a choice to select the particular vehicle you require from a wide range of vehicles, such as: pickups, commercial trucks, luxury cars, convertibles and vans.

After selecting your car, you are offered a toddler seat or GPS system. For those who are living in the mountains, they get the ski rack option. However, a roadside service is not offered by this rental service.

Services not offered by this rental service are: Satellite radio, on-site check in or a toll and road side service.

Services offered are: Live chat. This is a very helpful service when you desire quick answers to your questions. This platform can even be used to have a live chat with the company representatives and get know more about pickup information and airport shuttle in your location. Phone and email support options are also available.

However before you prefer the insurance package, it is important to consult your insurance company if it would be necessary.

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