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Edmund true market value –Important Information

Buying a car requires sitting with the dealer and reaching an agreement on the price of the car.  You need to make effort to get the best deal on the car. You need some firsthand knowledge about the automobile and how to get best price on it and this is where Edmunds comes in. They provide a tool that will make this possible. You will be provided with the True Market Value of the vehicle.

There is a difference between the suggested retail value of the car given by the dealer and the True Market Value of the car.  Why the difference?  This is because of the increase placed on the car by the dealer.  It is possible the seller or the retailer has increased the price and this increase can go as high as 10% from the original wholesale price. It is not abnormal, since the seller needs to make profit on the car.

The sales price of the car can differ from one dealer to the other. You can always negotiate the price with the dealer to get a lower selling price. With a good knowledge of the True Market Value of the car, it will be easier for you to negotiate a better and lower price with the dealer.  All you need is the tool provided by Edmund. The tool can give you an estimate of what the True Market Value is. This way, you will not pay too high for the car.

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What you need to do is visit the website of Edmund car review and click on the True Market Value button.  The car valuation will be done on the new page that opens after clicking. Select the year the car was produced, then select its model and make. The search will be greatly narrowed down this way.

Afterwards, choose the style of the vehicle. This will further narrow the search down.  After this, choose the style of the car you need information on.

You can also find out about the car’s value in your locality.  Choosing the right style can give you the market value in the general market. When you click on the particular style of the car you want, you will be provided with the car’s True Market Value right there in your locality.

You can get the estimated Blue Book value of your car too by using a number of blue book guides, like the Kelly Blue Book or the NADA Blue Book.  One other very helpful tool you can use for this purpose is the Edmunds car review and it will give you experts’ reviews on the automobile.

The service is provided free of charges by Edmunds.  Try to research various cars while using the tool.  It gives you the perfect opportunity to scan the auto market before making your purchase.  First make a list of the cars you would want to check out before you start using the tool. The cars can be arranged on your list in their order of preference.

Your car’s True Market Value

In order to get top value on the car you are selling or buying, take time to properly prepare and get informed about it before going ahead with the purchase or the sale. This will put you in better position during bargaining with the dealer.

True Market Value only gives you the general estimate; it does not include cost of added accessories.

The Kelly Blue Book will give you an estimate of what the market value of the car is.  It was initially presented as a book, but it is now available on the internet and anyone can now have access to it.

The condition of the car is put into consideration during the bargaining. It determines what the final value of the car will be.  Chances of an increased sales value is very slim if the said car is not in top working condition.

You should decide between selling to a private party buyer or to a trade-in dealer.  The type of buyer goes a long way to determine what the value of the car will end up being.  It is possible to get far better value with a private party buyer than with a trade-in dealer.

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