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NADA Guide RV – How to Use Nada Guides To Find The Value of Your RV


Find out Motorhome or RV Value using NADA Guide.



Finding out a value on a motorhome? NADA Guides can help you out. NADA Guides is an awesome option to Kelley Blue Book. NADA Guides, unlike Kelley Blue Book, has a particular “RV”section.

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Steps To Find the value for NADA GUIDE RV:

  1. Visit NADA Guides (www.nadaguides.com )
  2. Click on the “RVs’’ icon at the top of the page.
  3. Once you get to page “RV Prices and Value, click start Here.”
  4. You will be taken to a page captioned “RV Manufacturer Prices. Specs and Reviews,” where you can click on a particular RV manufacturer you are interested in.
  5. Then choose the year and body style of the motorhome. Once you are through with it,
  6. Click on the motorhome you are looking for from the list below.
  7. A report covering details about the motorhome will be sent to you, including its suggested list price, Low Retail Price and Average Retail price.

NADA Guides affords you with several RV manufacturers as you can customize your search. The available manufacturers include Palomino, Fleetwood, Folding Trailers Airstream, Holiday Ramblers among others. You will search for a list of available model types as well as information pertaining to the length, width, axle type and coach design of the motorhome for each manufacturer.

For each model type, NADA Guides grants you access to a wealth of information. You can check specifications, floor plans and pricing guides for a particular model you are looking for to buy as an example. The 2016 Airstream Interstate Series EXT Grand Tour has a range of extra specification and has suggested List Price of $155060.00 is a vivid example.

You can also have direct information about buying, selling or financing a specific motorhome  or RV on NADA Guides. Also, you can click on the selected motorhomes vehicle identification number (VIN) in the search menu at the bottom of the model-type page to get a full history report.

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