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Kelley Blue Book for Classic cars

Classic cars are expensive because they are vehicles that are no longer in production.

The Kelley Blue Book was first published in 1926, and it has been offering unbiased and reliable auto pricing information for car buyers and sellers since conception. Today, the Kelley blue book auto valuation guide is widely regarded as the leading authority in car, motorcycle, truck, and SUV valuation.

The suggested auto values in the blue book are the amount a vehicle is likely worth. The final selling prices may be substantially different from the suggested price on the blue book.

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What determines the worth of classic cars?

Kelley blue book for classic cars

Classic car values are assessed on half a dozen criteria. They vary greatly based on the uniqueness, quality and a variety of other factors based on the sellers.

Antique and classic cars are often valued on sentimentality especially in the open market space without the help of car valuable guide. It’s advisable to hirer a professional appraiser who will advise you duly on the best pricing for a classic car of your choice.

It’s a known fact that seller ride on the emotional weakness of buyers who value classic cars and can give everything to get one. These sellers understand that classic cars are old cars and they’ve got to sell it in a premium price. A rarer car will definitely have a higher price.

There are some factors which determine the value of a classic car.

  • Demand is the prime factor in establishing how classic care values are calculated.
  • Rarity: If the models only come on the market every few years, the price can be unpredictably high.
  • Condition of the classic car: the condition of the classic car has to be taken into account when classic car values are calculated. . If an antique car needs major restoration work, then it would probably have a lower value.

Do not ever buy a classic car without inspecting it first. If you are not very car-savvy find a mechanic who is qualified to take a look. Old cars need to be looked over very carefully because most will require some repairs which can be very expensive.

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