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Kelley Blue Book Trade in Value – Used Cars

Kelley Blue Book Trade in Value

Kelley Blue Book Trade in Value

KBB Trade in Values for Used Cars

It is always wise when someone tell us before making any crucial decision. One of the biggest decisions we may face in our lives is whether to sell or not or which car to buy? And Kelley Blue Book is a valuable tool that ensures the best results for your car in the market.

Among many ways, you may try to get returns for your car, one of the more general methods is trading. This lets you use your money more wisely not in physical form and you have the chance of rewarding when you return the car you have used to the same seller or producer.

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Again, before discussing these things it may be better to learn. Never settle for anything less than what you expect. This could help you to save a lot of effort and a lot of money.

It is not a difficult matter to get access to this easy-to-use information. First, sign in to the Kelley Blue Book’s webpage. Once inside, you click on the link that reads Used Cars to begin processing the value of the car you are going to trade-in. It is necessary to search for specific manufacturers, model and the year that the car was produced to get the idea of KBB good trade in value.

The next is to choose the correct assessment. The web page will give you three values from different ranges. These options are Trade-in, Private Sale, and Dealership. Select the option that says Trade-in.

Choose a deeper detail of the car you’re looking for. In simpler words, you look for your car’s trim. This is the Kelley Blue Book method to differentiate your car from other cars with the same model and production.

Besides, you can also add accessories that you may have added while the car is in your hands. This is important because this will definitely increase the value of your car as the Kelley Blue Book books give you a standard value for standard cars. The equipment you added can help assess your car even more.

The Equation

It’s true Kelley Blue Book has the same source point as Edmunds becase they collect their data from auctions and dealers across the country, but we can not expet the same value at every  point.


Edmunds has five categories while KBB has four.

The Dealership’s Way of Use

Dealers use the guidance provided by KBB because the car’s rating is lower than that provided by Edmonds. This is totally unbiased to dealers.

Way in Getting the Full Trade-in Value

The value reflected in the blue book is derived from the price guide provided by KBB.

When studying blue books, you may need to focus on the following: Get to know the KBB trading of car values, your car details, the level of vehicle fluids, and tire pressure. You should not depend only on the values mentioned on the blue book because they are only estimation and it may higher or lower from the actual inspection.

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