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NADA Boat Blue Book Value

The word blue book is now synonymous to ‘pricing guide’. The Boat Blue Book value is a general term used in the Boat-buying business. It means the worth or value of a Boat.

Whether you’re looking to buy a lustrous powerboat or sell your old fishing boat or to trade one yacht for another, it’s imperative you have reliable source for an accurate boat value. The two most popular auto valuation guides are the Kelley Blue Book and the NADA Guides.

NADA Boat Blue Book Value

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For boat values specifically, the best sources for evaluating boat book values are marine appraisal guides which NADA offers.

NADA is one of the most trusted names in car and boat values. They collect resale information about hundreds of manufacturers and the sales transactions of thousands of boats annually.

NADA boat book value can typically be used to determine the resale book value of a variety of boats and boat accessories, such as:

  • Power boats
  • Sailboats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Personal watercrafts
  • Outboard motors
  • Boat trailers

NADA boat value can be accessed online, it estimates the value of a boat considering factors like year, manufacturer, model and optional features thereby suggesting an acceptable range of price. The make, condition and age of the boat plays a very important role in determining whether the price will go up or down from the guide.

Depreciation for each year of age on the boat is taken into consideration. These factors all influence the boat resale value and expected price on the market

Here are some factors that determine the boat value

  1. The model of the boat– Every boat manufacturer has its unique features in terms of quality of materials, size of the boat and manufacturer’s exceptionality
  2. The year– Newly manufactured boats depending on the models have higher value. This is just like trendy technological gadgets.
  3. The engine type– The engine is the major constituents of the boat. Outside the exterior, the boat’s engine alone is an asset. The condition of the engine matters and it can command high value
  4. The overall condition of the boat– This is very essential, boats that are in very good condition have higher value. The nature of sea can be depreciation factor for all boats, boats docked in salt water usually have a lower value than dry-docked boats or freshwater.
  5. The region– The region where the boat is located can determine the value of a boat.

Often when a boat is put on the market to be sold, it is difficult to determine exactly what it is worth. Many dealers use this NADA pricing guide as a starting point

The NADA guide alone isn’t a good guide for determining the value of boats. Unlike automobiles, which can be easily valued based on average selling prices, boats are a much smaller market and the condition and location of a boat can have a huge impact value of the boat.

How to determine the NADA value of a boat motor

In other to determine the value of a boat motor, you should go to NADA Guides website and select “Boats” at the top of the page, proceed further and click on “Outboard Motors.” After you have done that, you will need to get the price summary by entering specific details about the motor. The values that are provided on the NADA Guides website include the average retail value, suggested list price and low retail

The instructions below start from the “Outboard Motors” page:

  • Select a motor manufacture
    Select the boat motor manufacturer from the list. Make sure you use the drop-down box to find lists of all manufacturers incase the manufacturer is not in the initial selection.
    Select year and type of motor you want
    Use the first drop-down box to select the year of the motor and the second to select the type of motor. The page will refresh with a list of all available motors once the year and type are selected.
  • Select the motor
    From the list of motors, select the one desired to obtain pricing information. This calls up the suggested list price, low retail price and average retail price of the motor.
  • Get reports
    After doing the above, you should use the links on the site to get a full boat history, purchase boat insurance or obtain financing for the craft.

All the necessary information that is included in the NADA guide for boats

The NADA Guide for boats includes pricing and values for power boats, sailboats, personal watercraft, outboard motors and boat trailers. The site also offers information on boat insurance, financing and boat history reports.

When you want to find the value of a boat or watercraft with NADA Guides, the first thing to do is to select the type of boat. With the tools provided on the site, they allow users to search either by manufacturer or boat type.

As soon as you selects a manufacturer, there would appear a drop-downs which shows the year and the type of boat you want to search. A complete list of boats from the manufacturer appears below. Incase you initially select a specific type of boat, only manufacturers that make that type of boat appear.

The user clicks on a specific model in the list to get a value on the boat. A list of optional features appears with check boxes in front of each one. The user clicks the features on the specific boat to get an accurate value.

The summary page shows the suggested list price, low retail value and average retail value. The suggested list price is the suggested manufacturer’s price for the boat in new condition. The low retail value is the price a buyer might pay for the model in poor condition. The average retail price is the expected price to purchase the model in good condition.



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