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National Car Rental Review and Coupons

The National Car Rental is undoubtedly a leader and the oldest among the car rental services around.  The service had been around for 56 years now. They make it possible for you to rent a car in one city and leave it in another in order to make things more convenient for you as the renter.

To make things even more interesting, they are the very first rental outlet to get their reservation operations computerized.  They introduced “Telemax” computers to their system and this improves reservation service a great deal.  The renter can now access a hassle-free and faster rental process.

Travel cost on airlines was raised in 1976 due to the deregulation of that industry. This increased the number of people seeking car rental services as alternative to the now expensive air travel and National Car Rental decided to maintain flat rate for those seeking to rent cars.

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Aside the above, the company is equally one of the first businesses organizations in the ‘70s to begin corporate account business operation. They therefore were able to provide special traveling program for corporate travelers and they began before any other company could wise up to this. They equally stand among the very first companies to begin frequent rental program. Paperless car rental was first used by National Car Rental. They therefore rely on computers and this helped to fasten the rate of dealing. This program was titled the “Emerald Club” and “Paperless Express Rental Agreement”.

Customers are able to select their desired car very easily via the “Emerald Aisle” program and this can be done without the usual paper troubles. The renters can easily bypass the counter when renting cars and also start their journeys without any delay. The renter can choose any car they want via the “Choice Rental Process” the rental counter can be skipped by non Emerald members via the “QuickRent” program that only requires the renter to complete the deal via the internet.

National Car Rental has created affiliation with a host of companies towards improving on car rental experience for the customer.  Some of the companies are Northwest Airlines, American Airlines, American West Airlines, Alitalia, Alaska Airlines, Air France, Air Miles, Air Canada, Lanchile, Midwest Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, ATA Airlines, American Airlines and America West Airlines.

Other affiliates with National Car Rental are Coast Hotels and Resorts, Hilton Family Hotels and Hilton Honors Points.  The first provides rather low rate for any customer brought by National Car Rental. The second gives any lodger brought by National Car Rental 250 HHonors and the third allows the lodger to earn points when he/she registers for any of their programs.

They make available varieties of cars for easy choice. The choice is endless. The various types of vehicles are convertible, minivan, sports utility, luxury, premium, Full-size, intermediate, compact and subcompact.

The “last minute specials to go” is yet another special program that National Car Rental has for their customers. This program makes available different kind of special offer each week and at different locations. The “Great internet rates-Book ahead special” is yet another special program that makes discount available to the client  if such a client makes reservation on the internet early enough.

The “weekend value rates-Book ahead special offers” also gives the client access to lower rates during the weekend.  There is a special discount reserved only for those that book online.  There is also the special offer for those who book their car rentals ahead. This is attached to anyone who makes booking on either the SUVs or the mini vans from the company.


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