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Review of ARGO amphibious ATV

ARGO is almost synonymous to an Amphibious ATV because of the brand’s versatility and great customer use. ARGO is the best option for a reliable quad to recreation and heavy off road equipment. Amphibious ATVs are designed to carry out all sort of purposes, an ARGO would crawl, swim, climb any treading surface. And above all, they are at affordable cost.

These are some of ARGO special features;

Its swimming feature

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It’s interesting to ride from land to a wetland environment and back again without hindrance. This is one experience that only an Amphibious ATV can offer. Across all types of wetland environment both slow moving streams, lakes and fast moving water body, the ARGO has a special webbed tires which help the quad to propel through the water smoothly helping you achieve your purpose.

Your ARGO can ride on water while fully loaded with up to 750 lb (350 kg) load. Its swimming speed in water is 3 mph which can be increased to as high as 10 mph with an outboard motor accelerator (one of its special components). I really do think this is quite good and very considerable.

What about flooded lands?

This is like an adventure in troubled moment. Flooded lands are dry lands that are flooded so there is great tendency tat such lands can absorb some enough quicksand where normal vehicles might not be able to move through. But ARGOs are excellent quad with great traction, they powerfully combine strength, stability and the unique amphibious mobility to tread all kinds of soils both thick and fine. . Their characteristically low ground pressure with the super traction make it easy to smoothly cruise over the ground surface, or transition into swimming mode without any break down.

Hilly land? Who else but ARGO!

Do you want to do the difficult things, then opt for the difficult machines? Every cruising moment is like it was specially made for it. Like in water and muds, ARGO can carefully transits you from your low level position to the hilly top you are looking right there. ARGOs are less likely to roll over than other ATVs because of their incredible Safety Stability Factor (SSF) so other ATVs can’t talk here. For your protection and happy rocky cruising, ARGO is the best option. It was designed for that.

How does it work here? ARGO has very low center of gravity (it’s the one with the lowest) so even when fully loaded, it is designed to sit low while keeping its balance as it climbs hills, rocks and other rugged landscapes.

ARGO on Icy surfaces

During snowy time, you can still have great adventure with your amphibious quad. Its special low ground pressure grips on the icy surface by clearing the ice ways for safe and easy riding. With its specially designed webbed wheels which propel water, the ARGO transits from one terrain to another even in the all snowing time. Also its advantageous low center of gravity protects the quad from rolling over even when loaded with supplies.

ARGO’s beautiful display on sandy grounds

ARGOs are built to bring sand and surf together. Its low ground pressure and light-footed traction give ARGO a greater edge to skim easily all soil types. Someone said where other ATV’s often fail to find a grip, Argo and Centaurs are consistently able to mount the most challenging sand environments with minimal impact on sensitive dune structures and vegetation. Until you experience it before you will know too.

Number of passengers

This 8 wheeled quad with its fantastical features such as low center of gravity, powerful traction, amphibiousness is capable of transiting all passengers and cargos safely. On land, the ARGO can carry up to six people while on water, a good number of four people can be on board. Whatever the function or activity, ARGO delightedly take you there.

Rough Treading Patterns

What do you do when you experience an unexpected obstacle? Instead of racking your brain for an alternative and longer route, you can fearlessly ride on the fallen trees, rocks or any stolidly looking obstacle. You think how the heck will the ARGO be able to do that? Just take a look again at its 8×8 traction, integral scuff plate and outstanding stability then get in and experience the fun.

For the serious jobs, only one man stays!

And that is ARGO! Whether you are carrying logs back to camp or delivering equipment for a function, the ARGO ATV is the vehicle for the job. It has a load capacity of 1,500 lb (680 kg) and a towing capacity of up to 2,000 lb (907 kg).

Durability power

ARGOs are well known for their renowned durability power which means fewer maintenance. And that is good too!

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