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Review on Arctic Cat ATV – A Special Brand of ATV

Arctic Cat is one of the best manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles (ATV) in recent time. Someone wrote that if you can’t find an Arctic Cat ATV to match your needs then you might not need an ATV at all. That’s shows how well the Arctic cat has been over time being tried and tested.

Arctic Cat is a North American manufacturer of snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); they design, build, assemble and market these products as well as other parts and accessories since 1960.

As one of the oldest producers, they have basically understood the industry well and they have made noticeable headway in the quad technology. So it’s not an exaggeration to describe their ATV products as ground breaking.

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The unique features of Artic Cat ATVs are well-defined and distinguishable from other ATVs. The traction of the Arctic Cat ATV brands has distinct models without sway bars. This is a special feature unique to Arctic Cat that allows all four wheels to stay on the ground thereby making it easier for the quad to roll over extremely rough terrain including felled trees and loose rocks.

Another excellent feature unique to Arctic Cats ATVs is the ride-in suspension that offers a lower centre of gravity and an impressive ground clearance of eleven inches.

Every year, Arctic Cat company offers a range of hot and deluxe models to boast. The arctic cat ATVs are designed and engineered to suite your wants whether you want to hail fence posts, stay dry on smooth train or get dirty in the mud, the features excellently obey your wish.


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Although Arctic Cat did not start their company with the production of all-terrain vehicles in 1960 but they’ve been able to rise up in the motorsport industry. Arctic cat ATVs come in different models ranging from youth models to competition models, with other models being sport, recreation, 2-Up Trail, and utility models. Some models come with both 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive, ride in suspensions, and electronic power steering capabilities

The engine power of arctic cat ATVs come in a H2 V-twin engine or an H1 engine both of which have a hemispherical combustion chamber that allows for a cleaner and more complete combustion a Duramatic automatic transmission, and hydraulic disc brakes. This makes the ATVs strong having a 1150 pound towing capacity.

Easy to find spare parts

Arctic Cat makes it easy to buy new parts for your ATV. It’s a known fact that nothing last forever so to increase the longevity of your machine, you might need to replace some parts. The beautiful thing with Arctic Cat ATV is that all the parts in the seller’s shop are labelled according to the ATV model. So this gives you an opportunity to directly get the suitable part for your own Artic Cat ATV model. So it’s stressless and easy. You can find Arctic Cat ATV’s sellers on eBay.

Offers extra edge

All ATVs might perform the same function but not as efficient. ATVs by Arctic Cat has been commended to give edge to consumers. The ATVs are specially designed and engineered to do more than just ride on all terrain. There are diverse options to choose with their extra uniqueness. You can take time to read consumers’ feedback messages. Most comments are positive. Artic Cat have been known for a long time for the same great quality.

Dependable Batteries

The Arctic Cat ATV requires very solid and long lasting battery in order to work perfectly.  With a Duracell Ultra battery, you will never get it wrong.  The battery comes with pre calcium-lead plates and this helps improve on power they can let out.  Their installation is equally easy.  The battery comes with front-mounted terminals too.  The extended-reserve power makes room for more accessories on the Arctic Cat ATV. You can get wide varieties of batteries from batteries Plus Bulbs that will perfectly suit your purpose.  The battery will fit perfect for both play and work purposes. Fully-sealed AGM is equally available if you prefer that.  The batteries do not require any form of heavy maintenance whatsoever. They can carry the Arctic Cat ATV on all terrain you can ever imagine.

The Duracell Ultra AGM is one battery you can use with minimal need for maintenance.  Each of the batteries comes with 24 months warranty too. If you prefer the conventional lead acid battery, it is also available in stock.  There are wide selections of AGM Xtreme batteries also. Just visit your local battery store for any of the above types of batteries.

For all Arctic Cat ATVs, Batteries Plus Bulbs are the functioning batteries. These batteries are known as durable, high performing batteries. A high performance Artic Cat ATV battery to consider if you need one is Duracell® Ultra. These batteries are built with pure calcium-lead plates for increased power and easy installation. Also in the local Batteries Plus Bulbs stores, there are conventional lead acid and AGM Xtreme batteries to choose as well. These are some examples of batteries that work with an Arctic Cat ATV.

Battery Recycling

Batteries Plus Bulbs is an industry leader for Arctic Cat ATV battery, they carry out battery recycling as well. Each Batteries Plus Bulbs location is a drop-off point for battery recycling. So you just don’t dispose of your Arctic Cat ATV’s battery, you can recycle them!

What other excellent features do you know about the Artic CAT ATV?



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