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Review on Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

Dunlop has manufactured motorcycle tires in Buffalo, NY since 1920 and today it is the only major motorcycle tire manufactured in the US.

John Dunlop was the first to make pneumatic tire which is the unique nature of all Dunlop tires. Though the pneumatic idea was first conceived and patented by Robert Thomson 40 years earlier before John Dunlop developed the concept. But today, Dunlop motorcycle tire is a strong brand and is now sold in Europe and the United States.

Dunlop motorcycle tires are the first to come with Kevlar belts, a technological innovation that makes Dunlop one of the best. Also, the first original-equipment radial street tire was produced by Dunlop. There are also the 20-inch Dunlop motorcycle tires for off-road use and the premium Dunlop tire for mini-bike riders.

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dunlop tire

Dunlop Company has been manufacturing tires for almost 100 years providing new tire technology making Dunlop a favorite among cruiser enthusiasts.

Motorcycle clubs and bike cruisers understand better the importance of good tires.

Cossacks motorcycle club

The Cossacks motorcycle club for example which was formed after three years the Bandidos motorcycle club was opened. For their operation, Dunlop motorcycle tires give riders ultimate bike cruising.

The Sturgis motorcycle rally: This is a yearly motorcycle rally; motorcycle enthusiasts flood the street of Sturgis participating in a handful of events including half-mile races, ramp jumps, and board-wall crashes. Since 1938, Sturgis had welcomed motorcyclists and fans across United states and around the world to the motorcycle rally. The Sturgis’ main street is usually a sea of motorcycles, leather, helmet and denim during this time.



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