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Review on Tao Tao 110cc Cheetah

ATV has always been a trending ride and every kid want to experience the fantastic ride on a 3-4 wheeler quad. A great and affordable brand to look out for is the new Tao Tao 110cc Cheetah. This is one brand that offers a huge selection of off-road vehicles specifically designed for every kid at every age.

The Tao Tao ATVs come with exciting features that foster safe riding and efficiency. These are some of their competitive advantages;

Attractive Features

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Simplicity is key. Having a highly complex vehicle that is difficult to operate might not go down well for kids. These ATVs on the other hand are easy to navigate quads with exciting features. It is automatic and can be smoothly controlled, it has dual front Swing Arm Suspension, Front Drum/Rear Disc Brakes, Pull tether Switch, and 6″ rims with tubeless off Road knobby Tires.

Perfect for Beginner Riders

Its simplicity makes it easy for new beginners to take on the 4 wheeled quad and cruise on it like a pro. A great feature of Tao Tao ATV is the throttle limiter, this controls the speed and allows the vehicle to carefully slow down to as low as 5 MPH which is safe for a young beginner. Another feature is the wireless remote control key chain which brings the vehicle to a gentle halt when turned off from up to 300 feet away. This is indeed a perfect tool for a young beginner.

High Performance

Tao Tao is a certified manufacturer of ATVs and so quality is taken into consideration. Their quality can be compared to other well-known brands like Honda, Yamaha etc. Tao Tao ATVs have been reviewed by many users to offer high quality performance.

Affordable Price

Comparing other brands with similarly high performance as Tao Tao are far higher in price. Tao Tao offers great efficient machine at a very affordable price.

Protective Features

Tao Tao ATVs come with different protective features for safe riding. All parts of the quads are designed to fully protect young riders.

There is a fully automatic transmission which acts like a remote control start/stop to help control the quad without much effort. And as far as 30 feet away, the quad can be put to a stop. The rear hydraulic disc brake gives added quick braking ability.

Another important concern is late evening riding, Tao Tao ATVs are designed with bright head, tail and brake light features that illuminate to foster safe riding in the dark. The footrest is specially crafted to protect the rider’s feet.

With Tao Tao ATVs, the young rider is in control and the vehicle is highly compacted to give smooth riding. The speed is easy to control to match the rider’s skill.


The ATVs are designed with a front bumper as seen in SUVs, this is to protect the quad from wearing out easily while in use.

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