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Why You Need an Amphibious ATV

The ARGOs is one perfect machine for all purposes; it can fit your personal, public, government or commercial need and it is one of the best machines for assured recreation and fun.  It is the perfect machine for those off-road terrains. It is heavy enough and can maintain its stability even on the roughest of terrains.  It can swim, climb and crawl in any direction and on any terrain you can ever imagine.  All the tools and equipments needed to make this machine function perfectly are made available.  They are not too expensive and you will not have to empty your bank account to buy the accessories.

Terrain capabilities

This one machine designed to traverse terrains that others may never be able to travel on. Some of its features are highlighted below

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  • It has 8×8 mobility and also comes with very strong and light build. It therefore has low ground pressure and its traction is perfect. It can therefore travel on any terrain you can ever imagine, be it snow, muskeg, swamp, muck or any terrain for that matter.
  • It comes with add-on rubber tracks; it can traverse all terrain without making much noise.
  • The vehicle can swim easily and can therefore overcome any water-related obstacle. It does this automatically without any need for entry or exit preparation.
  • It features integral skid plate and it equally has high ground clearance. This helps in preventing hanging up or bottoming out on the terrain obstacles

Passenger safety

ARGOs comes with the best static stability factor you can ever imagine.  Consequently, it is 4 times more powerful than ever before. The chance of it rolling over on any rough terrain is therefore very slim. You will find it more stable than any of the traditional UTVs.

  • The ARGOs comes with the lowest center of gravity in the industry. It can therefore travel on any route without any problem, be it on obstacles, grades or side slopes. Other vehicles may find these roads inaccessible, but not ARGOs
  • All the attachments that come with the vehicle are properly engineered, tested and designed and this helps to reduce the Static Stability Factor impact.
  • Its stability is maintained thanks to the low payloads, even when it is loaded fully.
  • It features the Admiral triple-differential transmission which enables smooth steering even in highly constricted areas and it will still maintain traction in the process.

“Green” mobility     

ARGOs never leaves any toxic material in its wake when traveling in sensitive areas

  • ARGOs has a ground pressure of 1.06 psi and it will therefore cross rather fragile terrains without leaving any lasting impact on the substrates and vegetations
  • It has fully sealed body, which ensures water and soil contaminants do not enter into the mechanical fluids and engine
  • Fire hazard risk is highly minimized thanks to the special placement and design of the electrical system and exhaust in ARGOs, especially when it traverses dry vegetations.

High utilization

ARGOs gives you power to do much more

  • It comes with interchangeable attachments and optional cargo decks.  This transforms it into a highly useful mobile platform perfect for all heavy duty tasks at hunting lodge, fishing camp, farm and so on.
  • ARGOs has special terrain capabilities and also has great performance at high altitude. It can therefore be used at all sites you can ever imagine.
  • It also features add-on trailer that improves greatly on its payload per sotie. It can bear up to 6 personnel at once. It can equally bear up to 2000 lbs (907 Kg weight) of equipments, supplies and instruments.
  • The vehicle can run both on gasoline and diesel depending on the fuel available.


It helps to keep crew members and their equipments consistently busy and productive on site.

  • It is very cheap in comparison with the heavy equipments needed for similar purposes. You will find it cheaper than an off-road hauler.
  • No matter how remote the worksite may be, you will be able to access the place with the aid of ARGOs.
  • It is built to meet your needs perfectly; you will find the ARGOs amphibious model and the 8×8 extreme terrains the best to go for any day.

It is able to traverse water obstacles and get you to your desired destination on worksites.

It comes with water-crossing and swimming capabilities.  It can traverse small lakes, ponds, rivers, and slow –moving streams easily. It can propel very easily on water thanks to its webbed tires.  It does not require any kind of preparation to enter water body and exit it.  They have 3 mph swimming speed.  They can be accelerated up to 10 mph.  Other fully amphibious models are the Explorer, the HDi and the XTI.  You will also find the heavy-duty Centaur very useful as it can wade through water 26 inches deep.  It can swim with 750 lb of load in water.

No worry about flood

ARGOs can traverse flood terrains conveniently.  While other vehicles may be affected by flood, not the case with ARGOs.  It comes with special traction and has well sealed body that keeps the water out. It has special amphibious ability, special stability, power and strength to make it the best for your memorable excursions.  It can traverse muck, soft soil and al imaginable terrains.

Easy movement on high places and rocks

ARGOs is your best help mate to get over those rocks and high altitudes without rolling over. It can climb rocks and keep on going without any problem.  It comes with a special Safety Stability Factor like none other. It is 3 to 4 times more stable than any of the utility vehicles around. It can still climb those hills even if it is heavily loaded with your equipments and tools.  It is the best for those rocky and hilly terrains.  It is the best helpmate for you if you need to scale rugged landscapes.  It can equally travel on these rough and hilly terrains in all weather conditions.  Its traction is superior and its center of gravity is very low.

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