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The best place to start your search is with the two most recognized ATV price guides. The NADA Guide and the Kelly Blue Book. It’s advisable you use both guides to make comparison and better-informed decision.


Just like on the Kelley blue book site, you have to navigate to the ‘Motocycle tab’ for your ATV pricing guide. From that motorcycle page, click on the first letter of the manufacturer’s name of the used ATV you’re interested in (quite different from the Kelly blue book). This takes you to the full page of the manufacturer, then click on the year model. You will then be taken to a page with all the models listed that were sold in that year.

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ATV Values on Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guide

click on the name of the model you want to see. This gives takes you to the options page for that model. Click the box next to any options of your interested quad and click the “Get Used Value” button. A final page pops up showing list of several used ATV prices.

The page shows two pricing columns with the headings Low and Average Retail. You ask what does that mean?

ATVs listed under the Low Retail heading are those in not too good condition that needs some work. While under the Average Retail headings are ATVs that are pretty much ready to go. These two headings depending on the condition of the quad, tell us an estimable prices ATVs under these categories are worth.

Then there are three rows with headings; Base Price, Options, and Total Price. The base price estmates the atv values before any options are included. The Options row shows the value of all the items you click on. The total price is obviously the sum of the base price and the value of the listed options. below the Total price heading you will see a Suggested List price. This is what the ATV would have sold for new.

This detailed and incisive way of arranging price lists is a unique feature in the NADA guide. It’s an insightful guide indeed. As a seller it is easy to add the value of your ATV accessories and come up with an estimable price. So it even gives the buyer to analyze the worth of an ATV and deduct the cost of other options (like accessories) you don’t want.

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