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Budget Car Rental Reviews and Coupons

If you do not fancy expensive taxi ride or you do not like the idea of being stranded, then the best way out for you is none other than the budget car rental. You should be very careful when renting a car so as not to end up with the wrong choice that will culminate into regrets later. This write up will give you certain hints that will help you make the right choice when renting a car within your budget.

  1. Look for a website where you can rent any car that fits with your budget. If you play your card games right, they will give you a good car within the right budget and may throw in other features, like unlimited upgrade and unlimited mileage for better driving experience. With careful choice, you will never have to spend anything beyond your budget on the rental car.
  2. Search for fly-drive, fly-drive-stay or package deals. You will be able to get good discount this way on the car rental. While this may be perfect for car rentals, it is never the right strategy for airline car rentals; you will not like their idea of discount or budget rental at all.
  3. Reserve a car via the internet. Some car rental services can give special discounts to clients, who reserve their rental cars via the internet. Reserving your car rental this way will enable you benefit from such discount. They equally offer free car upgrade aside the usual discount. No matter what time of the year it is, there is no way you will not get at least one outlet that will be willing to give discount on the car you want to rent. Yet another beauty of renting a car via the internet is that the process can be concluded right in the comfort of your home.
  4. Ask the outlet to give you applicable discount. You should never give up bargaining till you can get something profitable out of the deal. No one gets hurt if you push further with bargaining.
  5. Carefully check the car for damages when renting it. This is important considering the fact that many of the outlets providing budget car rental services only offer cars in poor maintenance state. If you detect any damage on the body or in the interior, make sure you let the car rental service provider know about this. This way, you will avoid being held liable for such damages. All the accessories in the car, like the seatbelts, the brakes, the radio, wipers and the likes must be properly checked before you zoom off.  This will enable you get familiarized with them and will also help you detect any fault in them before you take away the rental car. Inform the car renter if you find fault with any of these accessories.
  6. Do not be in a haste to buy car insurance from that car rental service provider. First take some time to check if the insurance policy on your car also covers for rental cars. But if your car does not cover rental cars, you will not have to pay heavily for rental car insurance, since they are generally cheap. You must however keep in mind that you cannot escape buying car insurance for the rental car.
  7. Make effort to pick the car very early in the morning from the car rental outlet. If possible, be the very first person that will patronize them that morning. Report at their outlet when they are just opening for business in the morning. At this time, few or none of the rented cars have been returned. You will stand a better chance of getting upgrade for lower price.
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