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How to Find Book Value for RVs through Nada

You need a reliable information source to help you learn much about how to buy or sell recreational vehicle to ensure you do not make mistakes when buying. The NADA publication, as well as the information made available on their website can help you when searching for information on RV valuations; the Kelly Blue Book does not provide the information any more.

Finding RV Value through NADA Appraisal Guide

The NADA Recreation Vehicle Appraisal Guide is the best you can ever come by when searching on valuing your campers.  The guide makes necessary update thrice a year. They make new versions available in the months of September, May and January.  Each of the editions provides updated information on suggested list price retails list price and updated wholesale. It gets you informed about high end motor home and truck campers. You can also get information about park models as well as heavy duty tow vehicles. There is also valuation information for the present model year as well as the 15 past model years. Consequently, it is the best source of information for those desiring to buy or sell RVs.

The actual value of a particular unit is determined by a number of factors.  This book put all the factors into consideration. The mileage table in the book makes it easy to determine how many miles the vehicle has driven since it was purchased you only need to adjust it to determine the right value. You will equally see a section that tells you the impact of optional equipment on the value of the vehicle. The book goes for $137 for a year’s subscription.  The most current edition sells for $69. No shipping or handling fee will be included if you make your purchase from NADA Guide Store. Those who buy multiple subscriptions will have access to quantity discounts.

In the event the unit you are buying is over 15 years old, you can always go for older versions of the book, which can be purchased on eBay and other related sites. The year of publication of the books determine the value you will get from them. The older the year of publication, the lower the amount you have to pay on it. The value can also be higher if the unit is recently retired or it had been properly maintained.

NADA Website

You will get both new and used valuation information on every model of recreational vehicle on NADA website. It is very easy to navigate the website and the information on it is made available free of charges. You are however required to provide details of the particular model you need pricing information on.  This makes it time consuming for those who need information on more than one model.

You will be required to provide your zip code before you can proceed on the website. After this, you can then choose the type of RV you need information on.  The various types available are truck camper, park model, pop-up camper, motor home, and fifth wheel and travel trailer. You also need to choose the manufacturer.  After this, click on the Next tab.  After choosing a particular type of RV, you will be directed to a list of the manufacturers offering that specific type of RV that you have selected. Choose one of the manufacturers to proceed.

After choosing the manufacturer, all available models and their years of manufacture will be presented to you.  Next, select the specific unit of RV and click on Next. You will then be taken to a page where all available options are listed.  Click on the box next to each of the options as it applies to you. And then click Continue.

You will next be taken to another screen that gives you information on suggested list price and highest and lowest prices that perfectly fits the unit in its present condition, location and use.

In the event you have the vehicle identification number for any specific RV you may want to learn about, the number can be provide on the screen for pricing information  and this will give you History Report on the RV.  You can order for the report for $24.95 fee.  There is no extra pricing information on the unit on this page. You will however get repair and service information on any particular RV of your choice.

Make informed pricing decision

Make sure you have good knowledge of the fair market value of any RV you want to buy or sell. In order to make the right pricing decision on that RV you do not need anymore or that one you want to buy, you can consult NADA for helpful pricing information.

How much is my RV worth for trade in, used and new?

Start by finding the Fair market Value and this will help prevent underselling or overpaying.

New RV values

The Fair Market Value of a new RV can be difficult to determine. Adequate information is never available to you on the RV compared with what is available to the dealer.

You may never be able to determine if the selling price on the RV is reasonable if you do not have any idea on what the dealer had paid on it. In order to have an idea of the reasonable price to pay on it, you only need to find out what other buyers are paying on the same RV.

You can obtain RV rating information from RV Consumer Group (RVCG) the information provide helpful hints on value, safety and quality of any particular RV model.

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