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Review on ATV Mud Tires

There are a wide variety of ATV tires and brands with innovative tread designs but not all meet specific riding requirements. There are ATV mud tires which are heavy, rough riding, fast wearing, and don’t hook up in deep ruts very well.

To get the best ATV mud tires, there are some specific features you have to take note such as the ply rating, tread depth, rim guard and tire weight.

mud tire 2

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Be aware that all tire sizes are specified in overall tire diameter x tire width x wheel size. The bigger the diameter of an ATV tire, the slower the rotational speed for better traction. This determines the price of the ATV tire. ATV tires prices do vary by tire size. Some brands have cheaper tires than others like the Mud Lite offers reasonably cheap ATV tires.

It’s important to know that the capacity of your all-terrain vehicle can determine the size of the tire to get. Larger tires up to 27” can go with an ATV with a minimum engine size of 450cc. Serious off road enthusiast with larger engine sizes can opt for larger ATV tires from 28”.

mud tire 1

Very aggressive tires are not for everyone, these are larger sizes of ATV mud tires that are capable of getting you down and really dirty. A more aggressive ATV mud tire will often weigh more (bigger size) and ride rougher than a less ATV mud tire. These tires have deeper tread depths and wider spaced tread bars.  They are specifically for muddy terrain.

Though the mud tires are the drivers of dirty muddy games but it doesn’t stop there. You can kick your ATV for other activities and all you might want is just to feel the aggressive treaded mud tires.

There are pros and cons to everything and Mud tires got theirs too. But we often opt for choices with greater benefits and I think Mud tires got some;


Every specific landscape tires are designed for their different purposes and they have their unique features but in comparison with other ATV tires, the mud tires offer excellent traction in muddy surfaces. Likewise, because mud tires are perfectly designed for muddy terrains, they prematurely wear out if regularly ridden on the smooth road. So you still have to be sure of what you want before you go for a particular tire type. Your most often treaded terrain is the first thing to consider.


When the function of a devise is narrowed down, meaning it is created to function in that way then extra effort would be made to increase its durability. All Mud tires are specially designed for durability. So be at rest.

Its unique features

You might want to know what make the mud tires easily tread on its intended terrain without hassle. This would make you appreciate it better. This include their specialized tread patterns which extend down the sidewall. This is for lateral grip and stability during acceleration and while accessing through deep mud. The tread design is a great determinant and so it’s important to check out product descriptions before paying for your next ATV mud tire.

Safe Riding

Safety is crucial and muddy surfaces can be risky to ply. And that’s one another thing manufacturers consider while designing the mud tires. The focused surfaces (uneven and muddy) possess steep angles so ATV mud tires are designed with reinforced sidewalls to prevent uncontrollable slope.

Super Swampers is a brand specialized in producing ATV mud tires to consider. The mud tires are heavier, tougher, have deeper lugs, and better self-cleaning ability than the standard ATV tires. The come in a variety of sizes for 9”, 10” and 12” wheels.



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