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Edmunds blue book for your car valuation

In order to have an idea of how much you car will go for in the auto market; you need information on the car’s true market value. Both buyers and sellers have been assisted a great deal by Edmunds to ensure these car buyers and sellers get the best value on the automobile they want to sell or buy.  Edmunds therefore decided to make their own version of the Blue Book available to improve on the service they provide. The Blue Book helps in enumerating the True Market Value of the car, either new or used.

This newly published version of the Blue Book is presently available for download on the internet.  If you have your eyes on a car, the Blue Book will give you access to the car’s True Market Value. The Blue Book will equally give you information on how the car feels during a ride as well as the accessories available for the car. It will equally give you what the public reviews have to say about the car.

Edmunds Blue Book History

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Edmunds had been in the business of providing information to the general public on the True Market Value of cars since 1995.  No one can actually say however when Edmunds was found. When Edmunds began, it was just offering general information about cars, like general reviews about such cars, which could help buyers decide if they should go for the car or not. Many individuals in need of cars found Edmunds to be the perfect place to be when in search of information. They have however grown over the years by increasing their number of employees as well as the number of services they provide to the general public.

Edmunds’ significance

Their employees know their jobs well and they are good at what they do.  They have various individuals with expertise in certain specific fields. These areas of expertise give the car buyer hints on what to consider when buying cars.  Some of their staff members are statisticians and they are goods at evaluating a car’s value trend.  Some of their employees are responsible for carrying out various researches on the car via test driving. There are programmers and pricing managers among them too. They have taken time to study trend of used and new cars and have also kept very close eyes on auto market fluctuation.

Each time a new car model is released, Edmunds also make available new version of their Blue Book. This makes Edmunds Blue Book a highly reliable source of auto information as far as True market Value of a car is concerned.

The functions of Edmunds

Edmunds Blue Book helps the dealers, the buyers and the sellers a great deal. They are able to learn about the true value of a car. Car appraisers too are able to decide on the appraisal rating of any car.

Benefits of its Blue Book

Anyone who needs to look at things from deeper perspective will find the Edmunds Blue Book very useful. Cars that are usually overlooked can be studied properly using the Blue Book. The Blue Book will provide a number of information, like the car’s parts notices, crash test result and so on. It will equally give an idea on the car’s general feel.

The true market value of a car can be determined using the Edmunds Blue Book and it also provides reviews on the car. The database provided by the Blue Book is highly comprehensive. The car’s buyer or seller can easily get the estimate on the car free of charges instead of paying for the same information like others are doing. The factors on which the reviews are based are provided as well as guest online calculators, which give estimate on what other people are paying on that car. You will find the value provided by the True Market Value calculator very accurate.

Blue Book Features

If you need the True Market Value of any car in your locality, you can use the Blue Book to determine that. It enables you make comparison among cars too.  You can set up appointment with various dealers using the Blue Book. You will have access to first hand information since you will be able to test the car before you buy it. This helps to determine if the car will be perfect for you or not.

Special Consideration

Specific charges and fees are not included in Edmunds Blue Book and this is one outstanding drawback. This is so especially with cars that is specific for certain regions. Make sure these are included in your calculation to have an idea of the exact amount to pay on the car.

Using the Blue Book as guide for appraisal

It is very easy to use the Blue Book in appraising a car. This begins by clicking on Used Car tab on Edmunds’ home page. It will redirect you to another page. Next, choose the year of manufacturing, model and make of the car using the drop down boxes that show up.  This page is located right under Appraise Used Car. Provide the zip code to get local value and then click on the Appraise It tab.

You will get a number of specific features when you click on the Customize Your Appraisal tab.  This gives you access to specific customization features on the particular car. Customization can increase on the value of the car.

Finally, you are free to choose any value you want, be it Dealer Retail, Privacy party Sale or Trade-In value.


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