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The Ultimate Guide to Razor Dirt Quad

Meet The Razor Dirt Quad #1 Electric Four-Wheeler For Kids.

This is undoubtedly among the best four-wheelers for kids. This miniature ATV is made specifically for kids from 8 years of age and it will prove to be the most thrilling ride of their lives. The ATV has a minimum carrying ability of 120 pounds. Both kids and their parents will love it. It comes with pneumatic wheels and chain driven motor, which is very powerful. It will prove to be the best for your kid’s outing adventure. It comes with twist grip acceleration and the battery is able to last for long. It is sure going to excite the kid on those dirt tracks. It has impressive climbing ability, thanks to its high quality wheel, powerful motor and rear suspension.  It can also traverse the toughest and roughest of all terrains.

It features adjustable handlebars and well padded seats to improve on comfort while riding. The younger ones can have a nice experience on dirt biking. It has an impressive thrust too. The frame is both shatter resistant and it is ergonomically designed. The frame is powder coated water and weatherproof.  It is very easy to fold this 89 pounds vehicle for easy storage.

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Why Razor Dirt Quad is better than others

It is the best in its class. It has real powerful motor and long lasting batteries.  It also features hand brakes and twist grip controls for easier riding experience. It has handlebars and well padded seats for added comfort.  Its motor-gear ratio is considerably high. It is the best for difficult terrain and dirt tracks. It can perfectly navigate through hiking tracks too.

The suspension is very strong and it has real muscular pneumatic tires. Its design is ergonomic.  Its frame is weather and shatterproof.  It is highly durable. It can be folded compactly and in a vertical position.  It is the best machine for full adventure and excitement. If your family loves spending time outdoors, this is the best for you.

Four-wheeler features:

  • Brake control and hand throttle attached to handlebar steering
  • 250-motor powered highest speed attained is 10mph
  • Drive train has high-torque. And features built-in torque reducer
  • UL listed; it works with the aid of 12 volt rechargeable batteries and charger, which are both included.
  • Can charge for 8 hours, which makes it function for 60 minutes
  • Pneumatic tires are large. Droop travel rear suspension
  • Front brush bar, padded seat and rear disc brake
  • Rear-carry handle and safety flag. 120 pounds maximum weight capacity
  • Measures 42.25 x 26.25 x 25.25

Razor dirt quad technical details

  • Age recommended is 8 years plus
  • Its weight is 89 pounds
  • Its shipping weight is 150 pounds
  • 250 watt motor with high torque motor to gearing ratio and it is chain-driven.
  • Battery is 24V (2 x 12V) Dc battery. It is of lead-acid and is leak-proof.  Battery charger and other tools included are UL approved.
  • After being charged for 12 hours, it can run for 60 minutes
  • Its suspension is the droop travel rear type. The suspension equally has terrain-tracing abilities.
  • Its breaking system is hand operated for easy control


  • This ATV is designed to make biking even more interesting. It does not cause environmental pollution since it is an eco-friendly electric vehicle.
  • Its frame is made of steel and it is powder-coated and welded, making it perfect for dirt tracks
  • The suspension is terrain-tracing and has adjustable pre-tension. The cross drilled disc brake is operated by hand. It features a 250 watt motor driven with chain. It has high torque to gearing ratio.
  • The pneumatic tires are 13 inches in diameter each. The tires have precision ball fitting for more effectiveness.
  • It features left-hand operated brakes and has twist grip acceleration
  • It has linear steering bar that can turn sharply and easily. It can be adjusted to fit your kid’s height.
  • You require 12 hours to charge the 24V (2 x 12V) DC battery. After charging, the battery can operate the vehicle for 60 minutes.
  • It can be controlled easily on gravel or grass. It works perfectly on roads and smooth pavements. All wirings are safeguarded by a 30A fuse.
  • Mud flap guards the comfortable and cushioned seat.
  • It is built using serviceable and high quality parts. It is the perfect vehicle for kids and does not have any of the attendant pollutions or complexities.


  • No reverse option
  • Center of gravity is high and the vehicle can lose its balance under high speed or high traction. It can get on 2 wheels when it turns sharply.
  • High chance of tripping over due to its high thrust and traction.
  • No engine braking. It does not jerk to a stop, but stops gradually.
  • Not useful in the dark, sincere there are no headlights or tail lights.
  • Brake lever is in open position and this makes it challenging for smaller kids to reach.
  • Riding helmet and other protective gears must be used when riding.

Real customers’ opinion

Razor Dirt Quad is one of the best products made for kids and is built using high quality materials, like solid motors, tires, suspensions and solid frame. It can be used on rough terrain and it maintains its durability. It is powerful and has batteries that last long. It is very easy to operate too.  Both kids and adults can use it.

It can be ordered on line or from any of the brick and mortar stores around.  No need for extreme maintenance. Its vertical storage option makes it highly portable.

Customers make suggestion that reverse option should be included. Parents are supposed to supervise their kids while they are riding it.

Children love the Razor Dirt Quad very much and it is highly recommended by parents

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