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RV Blue book – How to Find Out The Worth of Your RV values

It is important to carry out certain researches on RV, either you are planning to buy or you want to sell the one you already have. Do not allow dealers to mislead you. With the RV Blue Book Values, you can get an idea of the real worth of the RV you want to sell or buy.  Consequently, you will be able to get full satisfaction from the purchase.

You should first find out about the current mechanical or technical condition of the RV before you buy or sell. Check for both cosmetic and functional damage; check for minor blemishes, discoloration or leaks.  The engine must also be inspected.  Check for maintenance and mileage on it.  Check for number of miles other tires too.

Check for possible add-ons or accessories available for the RV too.  Check if the accessories are functioning well and if they are in perfect shape. Check if the RV is a pop up camper or a motor coach.  Find out about the kind of maintenance the RV will require in the future. Find out if the sinks, the toilets and all the other accessories are in good working conditions. These things will help add more value to the RV if you want to sell the one you have. This must be considered for all forms of RVs.

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After determining the particular type of RV you need, it is time to shop around. This will open your eyes to how much you will need to buy the RV and how the price compares with the blue book listing. The price can be high; so, make sure you shop around first before you buy.

The free appraisal on your RV can also be helpful. Only a professional in the business must do the appraisal, since it should be done in an accurate manner. It usually requires large investment since it is a kind of “home”.  Make effort to get the best price on it either you are selling or buying.

The RV’s worth can be determined by using Kelly Blue Books and Price Guides.  Since your location and the current sales rate can impact price, it is not safe to put your trust on these materials alone in determining the price. You can get most accurate listing from the RV Blue Book.

How is Blue Book Values calculated?

A number of conditions are taken into consideration by the RV Blue Book Value. The average price demanded by the dealer regarding the year, model and make of the RV is determined.

Various values, like trade-in, private party and retails can be provided depending on the particular type of blue book you use.  The retail price will include various associated amounts, commission, advertisement and profit. The RVB is sold to a dealer using retail value.

Private value will give you a value that can be considered when selling out to someone who is not a professional dealer.  The value is arrived at on the assumption that the RV meets with all standard conditions.  A number of things need to be put in mind when the selling price is being determined.

Some of these things are:

  • Present body condition: Check if there is any weather-related sign, dings, dents or rust
  • Present mechanical condition: Find out if the RV is running at top condition. Check if the maintenance had been consistent. Check if anything is not working or missing.
  • Present interior condition: Check if all the facilities and appliances are working well. Check for any problem.  Check for signs of wear or tear in the interior
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model

It is possible to make all important adjustments for top functioning of the RV. The value book value can also be matched to get the perfect buyer. If you do things right, you will get the most out of the RV.

Where can I get the most current Blue Book Values?

A number of Blue Book Values are available for use out there.  The Kelly Blue Book is among the most popular.  It has been in use for several years by private sellers and dealers.  Both soft and hard copies of the book are made available.  The softcopy is available online and it is updated every week.  Each year, the update on the hard copy can be carried out several times.

The N.A.D.A. recreation Vehicle Appraisal Guide is yet another blue book guide you can use.   The book is made available by the National Automobile Dealers Association and it provides information on wholesale, retail and suggested listing.  The update is done three times every year.


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